"We have installed several 50 to 100 kW sized plants which have used Thomson Turbine governor control systems. These have proven to be extremely reliable and easy to use even for the un trained operators. Since they use off the shelf components, they are easy to do any necessary field service on high use components [...]


Secondary Load Controllers for Wind Systems

Wind-Diesel Hybrid Systems Wind Turbines are increasing being used to reduce the cost of fuel used at remote diesel power systems for power generation.  This has opened up a whole new market for load control governors originally developed for hydro generation. If the maximum output of the wind turbines sometimes exceeds the minimum system [...]

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Induction Generation Unit Controllers

Induction generators are often used for on-grid generation, especially in smaller sizes.  TTG has two products for these applications. TTG 200 Series Induction Controllers Thomson Governors has a standardized inexpensive solution for Small Induction Generators with simple control requirements. The TTG-200 series is a PLC [...]

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Grid Connected Governors and Controllers

Thomson Turbine Governors has 30 years experience providing custom solutions to large power plant needs. All installations of this type are unique. Please use our convenient inquiry form when contacting us so that we can begin exploring solutions for your power plant. The TTG-650 is the typical hydraulic speed and non-speed governor used for [...]

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Stand-Alone Governors and Unit Controllers

Stand Alone Governors are built with much greater attention to performance than Governors that spend most of their lives connected to a large grid.  Stand Alone Governors must respond quickly and accurately to load changes, keeping the speed of the plant and the frequency of the power to very exacting standards. Depending on the [...]

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Overview: Thomson Turbine Governors have been providing solutions for hydro plants for over 35 years.  Our controllers and other products are being used in 19 countries on 6 continents; Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, Peru to Alaska,  Scotland to Korea. We specialize in design and development of solutions for alternative energy systems for use by communities and [...]



Design Thomson Turbine Governors has 30 years experience providing custom solutions to power plant needs. When your installation demands custom solutions we can design the system to best meet your unique requirements. Products Our products offer flexible high performance, low maintenance and robust integrity for long-term success. Consulting Thomson Turbine Governors offers 35 years of expertise in [...]

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